Family Affair?

So you went to a casting with your child or you brought your child’s friend with you to a casting and they are interested in you auditioning or your child’s friend. What do you do ?

This happens more often than not. So I figured it’s a good subject to touch upon. Many of you bring your kids to castings and sometimes they might ask YOU to audition as a parent . What’s the next step? If your willing to give it a try more power to you! Go ahead and try.

First and foremost you should ALWAYS sign in under the agent that sent your child. Let’s be honest you wouldn’t have found out about the casting if it wasn’t for your agent. So do the right thing and sign in under them. After you leave the audition send an email to your agent so they are aware you auditioned with your child so they are not blind-sighted if the casting director calls them.

Now let’s say your child had a sleepover or play date and their cute little friend came to the casting with you. Typically this is frowned upon in the industry, I would always say to never bring more than just yourself and your child to a casting.

BUT, if by chance the client wants to see them first ask the parent if he/she is available for the booking if picked , next SIGN IN UNDER THE AGENT THAT SENT YOU, and last notify your agent that your friend went and give them the child’s name and info just in case the client books your friend. I realize it might be a little hurtful if the friend books the job and your child doesn’t but unfortunately it comes with the territory of bringing someone with you.

Let’s be happy for our friends 🙂

Hope this little tidbit helps you guys out the next time your unsure what to do in these situations.

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