Finding the Balance: The Fine Line Between Being a Proactive Parent and A High- Maintenance one.

So there is a difference between a proactive parent and a parent that that calls, emails, texts too much .
I realize your child is the apple of your eye. I’m a mom too and my kids are #1. However , when it comes to an agency we represent hundreds of kids. Which means hundreds of questions from hundreds of parents. There are definitely good reasons to contact your agent such as size updates, photo updates, if you are running late for a booking or casting, or if there is an emergency. There are also a lot of questions we are asked on the daily and if you just look at your welcome packet or read my blogs the answers are right there. We are so busy booking your kids. We are sending out projects, doing accounting, booking talent , size updates etc.. the last thing we wanna do is anwser a question where if you took a moment to search you can find the anwser.
I know a lot of parents get frustrated when agents have short responses. Or don’t respond to emails right away. I promise we are not being short with you and by no way is it ever personal we are just busy from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. So it’s much easier to give a simple quick anwser and move on to what we were working on. As far as emails go , I swear if you look at my emails on my phone I think I have a few hundred thousand lol. It’s so easy to miss an email. Sometimes we see it but we are working on a casting and think to ourselves we will get back to it and forget in the whirlwind of the day. Again, it’s not personal just send a kind follow up and we will get back to you.
Every parent thinks their child is top priority and to you they are. To us , we have hundreds of kids that are all equal priority. So try to remember it’s never personal and if you have a question see if it’s in your welcome packet or my blogs before you ask and save the questions for when it’s important.

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