True Story :

Last week one of our adorable little girls had her headshots done. She naturally has very curly hair and wears it that way on a regular basis. However, the day of her shoot she showed up with straight hair. Although she looked adorable with straight hair it’s not what she normally looks like.
Another adorable little curly haired girl had to submit a self tape for a big client this week. Her dad decided to have her hair straightened before her self-tape.

Again-adorable but she looked very different from what the client was expecting.

My advice is this- Have your child wear their hair how it typically looks on a day to day basis when they are attending a casting, booking, photoshoot, or headshot session. If you go in for headshots, and especially a booking with a photographer have your child come in with their hair clean and DRY ( do not show up with wet hair). If your child’s hair is typically curly come in with it curly. No fake nails . Just clean unpolished nails. When your child has to provide a self tape or digitals to their agency make sure their hair is down , clean , and how they typically wear it. They should also be dressed casually. No hats or bows, glitter or glam. It’s also very important to make sure your child doesn’t look like they just rolled out of bed. Pretend this is a job interview ( because it is ) this is a business and it’s important to always take it seriously.
If your child has the option of wearing their hair curly or straight or in braids etc- for headshots wear it how it looks on a day to day basis but for digitals take two different sets showing both looks to your agent so the client can see them with two different options.
If you’re unsure ask your agent what they think about how to style your child’s hair. You definitely don’t want to pay to take photos twice if your photos are not what your agent is looking for in regards to styling. Hopefully this helps with some of your questions.

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