Do Agents Have Favorite Kids?

Do Agents Have Favorite Kids? The Truth About Booking Models

Do agents have favorite kids ?

One of the things I hear throughout the industry quite a bit is “ such and such agency only books their favorites” . So, I’m here to anwser the age old question…Do agents have favorite kids and do they only submit their favorites?

Do agents have favorites ? No . Do agents have kids that they know are better models. Yes. Are there certain kids that are just natural in front of the camera and jump in head first like a pro? Absolutely! Having a few go to kids for clients is always a good thing. Photographers love a kid that doesn’t make them work hard. They love a kid that just gets out there and doesn’t need to be coached. It makes the day run much smoother and makes their job a heck of a lot easier. However , when a client is asking for a project of kids agents always submit EVERY kid that fits into the category the client is looking for. Sometimes we have no idea who the client might chose and we certainly don’t want to lose a booking. So , we always submit everyone that fits the size , ethnicity , and age requirements. TBH we wouldn’t be doing ourselves any good by only submitting a handful of our “ favorite kids” we would definitely be loosing bookings.

I understand it might look like certain kids book all the time . And you are right , they do ! That’s because those kids stand out to clients. They are easy and natural in front of the camera and it shows instantly on a casting. Typically when a client finds a kid they love they book them on most of their campaigns because they know that child will always bang it out ! This is why you see certain kids booking “ everything “. So more than anything , clients have favorites not your agent.

Do we have favorite parents ? Heck yes ! If a parent always says yes to castings, doesn’t ask 18 million questions before they confirm, is grateful and excited for every opportunity then you bet when a client is asking for one child or my opinion on who to chose .I’m going to push for that child. I know the parent will say yes and do everything they can to move things around to make it work. If you make my life easier I show you my appreciation.

Agents also appreciate loyalty. If you have multiple agents all over we are going to push for the families that are loyal to us and only have us as their agency. Finding out that our talent went on a casting or booked a job for a client we work with is a big no no and it definitely puts other talent in front of you.

I hope this answers your questions and if you have any more relating to this topic ask below !

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