The industry in the time of Covid

Ok guys ! I’m starting this blog with a huge sigh.

I would start it with a few curse words but I’m not sure you guys would appreciate it lol!

Let me start by saying could this year have gone any worse? Oh gosh I’m not going to jinx it, it could always get worse.

I know we are all fighting our own version of what Covid has done to our lives, but man oh man the entertainment industry has taken a hit !

I know I’m not alone in receiving texts,calls,emails saying “I see some kids are booking. When is my kid going to book something?!“, or

“It’s been months without a job”Believe it or not , I’m actually in a few modeling mom Facebook groups. I try to give industry advice to and I’m mind blown by some of the things I’m reading .

Have we all forgotten we are in the middle of a pandemic??

This time of year agents are typically slammed and right now we are holding our breath waiting for clients to reach out that they are booking talent . As much as you want your child to book a job I assure you we are wanting it so much more.

Agents are closing their doors, production companies have had to stop all productions and in turn not receive a paycheck. Actors who make a living in this industry are without a job.Casting directors are fighting to stay open.

This is how we feed our families this is how we make a living and our world has come to a screeching halt.

So when you ask your agent why your child isn’t being called right now please be considerate and mindful that this is not just a hobby for us and a fun thing to do with our kid, this is our career, our life.

Remember , in most cases clients have to fly an entire team to your state to shoot their campaign.

So, it’s a risk for a company to put their team on a plane in the middle of a pandemic.

Most companies are just reusing images or paying for extra usage . For the few clients that are booking right now.

Most are looking for real families all from one household,in order to limit the potential spread of the virus.

So, if your child does not have siblings or a complete family ,the chances of them booking right now are very limited.

There is no telling when this virus will dissipate. I hope more sooner than later,But until then please be kind to your agents and industry professionals we are all going through a scary time right now ,and we could use some patience and kindness. Things will be back to normal one day and when it does be ready for us to work our little butts off.

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