Is there such a thing as contacting your agent too much?

One of my biggest hopes when I write these blogs for all of you, is that I come across informative. I never want to give off the impression of being critical or condescending. I want all of you to walk away from reading my blogs with a little more knowledge about the industry than you had to start with. I hope that’s the impression I’m giving off. When writing this blog, it was important to me to start by saying my intentions so you know where I’m coming from when you read it.

So is there such a thing as contacting your agent too much? I would say, Yes! First things first, your agent’s personal phone should never be called or texted unless you hear from them first and they are waiting on a response from you. Email is always the best form of communication. Your agent should never be called after hours unless it’s an emergency and your child is going to miss a booking.

As agents, we are surrounded by all types of parents. We have the parents who are easy and take life as it comes, we have the parents that are a little rude, and we have the parents that make sure to call, text, and email at a minimum of once a day. The hard truth is there is never a reason you need to call your agent every day. We always appreciate the enthusiasm, but there is such a thing as too much. Try to remember that we represent hundreds of talent and we need to make time for everyone including ourselves.

The entertainment industry is 24/7 . Clients can call on weekends , in the middle of the night , first thing in the morning , and on holidays . We truly never get down time or a day off . It comes with the territory and we fully expect it . However , during the few minutes of downtime we might get, we need to take a breath . So if you have a question first read my blogs as most questions are answered there . If you can’t find your answer make sure to check that your emailing during business hours , and if so send us an email . I would strongly discourage you from calling or texting . This also goes for the agent’s assistants .

One of the common complaints I get from parents coming from other agencies (and I’m sure some of my parents) is that the agent is short with them and they think the agent is rude. I promise you, I don’t think there is an agent out there that is intentionally being short or rude. We are much busier than you might think. If you have a question, most of the time, I might give a one sentence answer just so you know I’m not ignoring you. I know my fellow agents probably do the same. It’s never our intention to not give you adequate time, we are just so limited on the time we have. That’s my purpose in writing these blogs. I want to have a place where you can read, educate yourself, and feel like you took something away from reading them.

Please, don’t get me wrong, we love that you’re excited about the industry and we are just as excited with you . It’s just important to remember that we are human and we need some time with our families and some time for ourselves. We want to be everything for everyone. I care so much about each and every one of you and want you to feel like you’re not lost in the industry. I’m always here when you need me even if I give you a one word answer 😉

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  1. I always feel like the person who never knows what to properly do. Checking these blogs has helped me avoid asking unnecessary questions so many times. Thank you so much for putting these out it’s very helpful, not knowing if your doing things wrong and not wanting to annoy your agent has always been a concern of mine personally. I think working in a semi-similar field where parents are always asking me questions and hitting me up at all hours of the day I know the feeling and never want to be that parent lol. But I know a lot of parents are totally clueless, don’t care, or don’t mean to be annoying. One of the big reasons we switched to Sprout was most other agencies don’t offer any help or info like at all. After speaking with talent that had been working with Sprout and checking out the social media platforms and the blogs I could tell that Sprout cares so much and goes outside of the box and does a lot more than I’ve seen other agencies do. After speaking with talent that had been working with Sprout and checking out the social media platforms and the blogs I could immediately tell that Sprout cares so much! It put Sprout on a more authentic level for me and was far more than I’ve seen other agencies do. It really felt like we were being thrown in with the wolves and in a world where you as the parent can make or break your kid made me feel anxious. So thanks so much for taking the time to explain these things.

    A clueless parent learning in this industry!

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